June 22, 2011

beat wave

And not just from the extreme temperatures we had today.
107 degrees
all day.

I am beat from an amazing day at my first "Hairspray" rehearsal! So many wonderful people working together on a fun show. Could there be anything better?
I'm already having a blast at my new "home" for the summer. And to think I get paid for doing this!

Since I had such a great day I decided to bring something amazing to someone I know who deserved a goodie. 
So, I brought cupcakes to my sister who was at her dress rehearsal for the show that she is guest performing in this weekend. She had been there all day and was in for a long night. I knew she could use a sugar pick me-up.
Famous Boom Boom Pow from Cuppies and Joe in OKC.
A vanilla bean cupcake with chocolate buttercream, carmel and sea salt.

There is no better way to surprise someone than with a sweet treat.
Of course, that is my personal opinion.

I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance and practice the Madison.
Not sure what the Madison is? 
Watch this clip!
Now go practice so you can impress everyone at your next party!

Enjoy many sweets tomorrow
It is Eloise Day
(otherwise known as my BIRTHDAY!)

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  1. i will be indulging in lots of sweets in honor of "eloise day!!!"