August 20, 2011


My walls are still bare like a baby's bottom...
I am waiting on my fames that I ordered to come in the mail...then hopefully I can put up all my pictures and paintings.
Because funny story...
I went to go buy fames and I asked my mom where I should go, and she told me to go to Michaels.
So I set off to Michaels to find frames but for some reason I ended up at Mardel's.
If you know what type of store Mardels is you might start to wet yourself when you picture me walking in and looking around for frames...yea...I'm not good with names. or directions. or spelling.

But luckily Hobby Lobby was right across the street.
I walked in, this time confident in my choice of store, because I know that Hobby Lobby carries frames.
So I walk back to the frame section to find that ALL FRAMES ARE 50% OFF!!!!
I died...started picking out every frame and trying to carry them all to the front (because who uses a cart at Hobby Lobby?) I check out, so proud of my finds, and drive home to start putting all my pictures in their new frames.
to find
the wrong
sizes of frames!

Now I know why you measure your paintings before you go frame shopping.
So I had to return all my frames, and ended up ordering frames off Amazon, which should be coming next week.
I learned a good lesson, but my walls are still naked because of it.

On a happier note my bedspread came in.
So cute!
It is from Garnet Hill. Love it, and the best part is that it is SO SOFT.

My days have also been filled with running and biking outside around Norman. I love running outside in Norman. The campus is so much more pleasing to run around than my neighborhood at home. Norman is filled with lots of fun little streets and different places to explore. 

I have been doing lots of baking...of course. 
I baked my roommate Alyssa some cookies because not only is she an amazing person and roommate, she saved our house from flooding...
Big rain storm+clogged up pipes+running washing machine=waterfall of water in mud room!
Thank goodness for her. I literally don't know what I would do without her.
Who wouldn't want to come home to freshly baked cookies.
Sorry everyone I already have a roommate.

School starts in negative days..jk but it feels like it has already started.

Do some headstands
Get your binders from Chirps and Cheers together 
 pencils sharpened
mind ready 
School is here.

Thinking about what to have for breakfast on monday?

August 16, 2011


No, not to NYC...yet.
But I moved houses!!
It may be my excuse for not blogging for the past week...or month.
I've been bad about blogging. Ugh.
I apologize.
I'm not going to give you every running detail of the events that happened over the past month, because that might take years to write and everyone knows I'm not that patient.

So Hello case you have forgot who I am.
forgive. forgive.
 I'm back now I promise!

so a few things:
I'm obsessed with Jamba Juice.
Orange. Carrot. Karma.
Go get it...NOW!!!
Even A Chorus Line cast supports Jamba Juice. bad I don't have enough $$ to spend on overpriced smoothies all the time.
oh well...thats where my AWESOME blender comes in!

I'm still obsessed with cookies.
Nothing has changed.
But seriously...the obsession may have only grown...
I have cookie problems.
Actually I think I may be addicted...
Please leave suggestions on how to quit being a cookie addict.
Any advice appreciated!

I'm now living in my new house, which is a dream.
It is not completely finished so I'm holding out on pictures till then...
because who really wants to see10 different pictures of boxes...?

 How cute is this.
I woke up this morning to find Gaurder(my monkey) looking out the window at his new beautiful view.
I swear I didn't place him there...

I'm off to eat
(prob cookies)
Must get my life together before school starts on Monday.
Someone please inform me where the summer went!
I blinked and he ran away from me.

Stressed student countdown: 5 days.
Help. Me.