September 13, 2011

Running around like crazy!

I'm excited.


I ran 6.5 miles in 55 minutes!
I've been thinking about entering a 10k for awhile but been tentative because I wasn't sure if I could run the distance.
But I finally ran my goal, so I entered it this past weekend and am really excited!

My reward after 
and of course 

Cookies...these are my newest creation.
they are Cocoa Peanut Chip Oatmeal Greek Yogurt Cookies.

these cookies have:
no butter
no oil
no sugar(sort of)
no additives 
I like to think of them as being semi-healthy.
I don't even know if they qualify as a "cookie"
besides the fact that they include chocolate...but really what do I eat that doesn't involve chocolate.
but I will call them that because it makes my heart happy to know I am eating a cookie.

(not a great pic.)
they are really really yummy
like I eat them 6 times a day yummy...

but I wish I would of had a dozen of these after my run! 
maybe my treat for accomplishing the 10k
good thought?
Still waiting to apply for my job there.
My dreams will come true.

While I'm waiting for my cookie dreams to come true.
 I made some little girls Princess dreams come true.
I am now a princess for children's birthday parties! This weekend was my first party. I was Rapunzel at Sierra's 6th birthday. I have never had so much fun at a party. We danced, sang, made bookmarks, played games, read stories, ate cake, and open gifts. Could you ask for a better day?

Picture of Me and the birthday girl!

Look at that HAIR!

Want to know more about the parties??

I need to start and finish writing my history paper


Keep happy thoughts.

Now, who wants to fold my laundry??

September 11, 2011


Is this gross?

I'm kind of obsessed with fruit and vegetable smoothies...
I know it looks gross...but don't knock it before you try!

Green Smoothie
1/4 cup OJ
1/4 cup Carrot Juice
Handful of Spinach(about 1 to 1 1/2 cups, I think)
1/2 Strawberries, Mangos, Pineapple
1/4 cup Blueberries
1/2 Banana...if wanted.

I know this is gross.
My obsession with Reddi Whip.
Some people are addicted to pizza...
Some people are addicted to cocaine...
 I'm addicted to Reddi Whip.
I will put it on anything...and EVERYTHING.

There is nothing that Reddi Whip doesn't taste good with.
ok, kidding. 
but seriously the stuff is like crack.

I'm "Reddi" for ANYTHING:

Except my History paper that is due Friday.

Must get more reinforcements(Reddi Whip) for help.

:) xoxo

September 6, 2011

The Sooner who didn't own Red...

This past weekend was the first game day of the season, and me being the biggest football fan ever, owns nothing red.
I thought that I had red.
Seriously I did.
Anyway, I went to go take my car to a parking lot down the street, because we were parking cars at my house($$) and I was not going to the game. So after our driveway was full I didn't want to be locked into my house.

I might of parked in a parking lot with a Hancock Fabrics in it.
I might of walked in and purchased some cheesy OU fabrics.
I might of sewed the tacky fabrics together to make a sash.
I might have something red and OU to wear to games.

(sorry about my hair, please don't judge to was so hot and I was already sweating like a pig. Besides, my hair is getting so long. And developing a mind of its own, I think I'm developing a lion's mane. AHHH!)

Look at our cute makeshift parking sign.
(we took scrapbook paper and taped it together to the back of cardboard box!)

We earned some money!
And on top of that OU won! 

But the best part is I finally got to see The Help.
It was great! 
I really thought the movie was a good adaptation of the book, and even more surprising I liked Emma Stone! I'm usually not the biggest fan of her's but the past two movies she has been in(Crazy Stupid Love, and the Help) I have really enjoyed her.

Now I wish I could say I'm reading something just as inspirational and interesting as The Help....but right now I'm reading

not the most interesting say it nicely.

Oh well, off to enjoy the PERFECT weather we are having right now and eat dinner on my front porch!

Then to the piano...quiz tomorrow!
say prayers.
lots of them.


September 5, 2011

Mozart Jr.

That would be my grade for my first piano quiz.

Look at that F.
I might have cried.

excessive amounts.

I failed.

the worst part is I practiced.


I can't help that our piece was really difficult.
I mean look at that music.
Any person who plays the piano would have trouble playing that...let alone someone who is not good(meaning me).

Fine, you caught me.
 That was not the song I had to play...mine looked more like this

Laugh all you want.
but you try playing that...and saying the note names aloud.

It was my first time performing piano for anyone, I can't help that I choked.

I swear I'm going to get better, if it kills me.

Besides failing piano.
and blogging.(sorry)
 I've been bored with a lot of things in my life.
More like everything.
For example, my workouts :/. So I've been trying new things. Like YOGA!

I'm really loving it! I get to bike there(which I love) and it is a great way to focus on yourself mentally and physically.  Some of the "yogi" concepts confuse me, but the stretching and core work are really great! I can feel my arms getting stronger also. The class I go to is Hot Vinyasa Flow, but today after class my teacher told me I should try to take a harder class. So this week I'm going to try a Level Two class. Hopefully I won't kill myself.

I've also been really bored by EVERYTHING I've been eating, so I decided to try some of the foods I read about.
I will allow myself one purchase a week for something fun and interesting( budget.problems.)
This week's purchase:
 Wondering what Millet is and what its benefits are...go here.

I have to say it was quite tasty. I made egg white cinnamon french toast with peanut butter on top.
The bread has almost the texture of a cake but a little more grainy. This texture made it perfect for my french toast!
I was inspired by KATH.
My toast didn't quite look as pretty as this...but you get the picture!
(KATH takes the most beautiful photos on her blog, you should take a look!)

So this week since it is the start of a new month...I'm starting fresh.
I'm going to break outside of my box.
Trying new things.
Meeting new people
Playing new piano songs.
Inventing New foods.

Can I do it?


Check out this.
Who know Lululemon was out of style.

Looks like I need to get some new gear for they gym.


stay happy.

August 20, 2011


My walls are still bare like a baby's bottom...
I am waiting on my fames that I ordered to come in the mail...then hopefully I can put up all my pictures and paintings.
Because funny story...
I went to go buy fames and I asked my mom where I should go, and she told me to go to Michaels.
So I set off to Michaels to find frames but for some reason I ended up at Mardel's.
If you know what type of store Mardels is you might start to wet yourself when you picture me walking in and looking around for frames...yea...I'm not good with names. or directions. or spelling.

But luckily Hobby Lobby was right across the street.
I walked in, this time confident in my choice of store, because I know that Hobby Lobby carries frames.
So I walk back to the frame section to find that ALL FRAMES ARE 50% OFF!!!!
I died...started picking out every frame and trying to carry them all to the front (because who uses a cart at Hobby Lobby?) I check out, so proud of my finds, and drive home to start putting all my pictures in their new frames.
to find
the wrong
sizes of frames!

Now I know why you measure your paintings before you go frame shopping.
So I had to return all my frames, and ended up ordering frames off Amazon, which should be coming next week.
I learned a good lesson, but my walls are still naked because of it.

On a happier note my bedspread came in.
So cute!
It is from Garnet Hill. Love it, and the best part is that it is SO SOFT.

My days have also been filled with running and biking outside around Norman. I love running outside in Norman. The campus is so much more pleasing to run around than my neighborhood at home. Norman is filled with lots of fun little streets and different places to explore. 

I have been doing lots of baking...of course. 
I baked my roommate Alyssa some cookies because not only is she an amazing person and roommate, she saved our house from flooding...
Big rain storm+clogged up pipes+running washing machine=waterfall of water in mud room!
Thank goodness for her. I literally don't know what I would do without her.
Who wouldn't want to come home to freshly baked cookies.
Sorry everyone I already have a roommate.

School starts in negative days..jk but it feels like it has already started.

Do some headstands
Get your binders from Chirps and Cheers together 
 pencils sharpened
mind ready 
School is here.

Thinking about what to have for breakfast on monday?

August 16, 2011


No, not to NYC...yet.
But I moved houses!!
It may be my excuse for not blogging for the past week...or month.
I've been bad about blogging. Ugh.
I apologize.
I'm not going to give you every running detail of the events that happened over the past month, because that might take years to write and everyone knows I'm not that patient.

So Hello case you have forgot who I am.
forgive. forgive.
 I'm back now I promise!

so a few things:
I'm obsessed with Jamba Juice.
Orange. Carrot. Karma.
Go get it...NOW!!!
Even A Chorus Line cast supports Jamba Juice. bad I don't have enough $$ to spend on overpriced smoothies all the time.
oh well...thats where my AWESOME blender comes in!

I'm still obsessed with cookies.
Nothing has changed.
But seriously...the obsession may have only grown...
I have cookie problems.
Actually I think I may be addicted...
Please leave suggestions on how to quit being a cookie addict.
Any advice appreciated!

I'm now living in my new house, which is a dream.
It is not completely finished so I'm holding out on pictures till then...
because who really wants to see10 different pictures of boxes...?

 How cute is this.
I woke up this morning to find Gaurder(my monkey) looking out the window at his new beautiful view.
I swear I didn't place him there...

I'm off to eat
(prob cookies)
Must get my life together before school starts on Monday.
Someone please inform me where the summer went!
I blinked and he ran away from me.

Stressed student countdown: 5 days.
Help. Me.

July 19, 2011


"Flat as a pancake. Get the picture?"

I've been studying lines for the next show of the summer, A Chorus Line, which starts tomorrow!

Want to know what else is as flat as a pancake?
My tire...
This happens once every summer I swear. ugh.

But I will say I got very lucky...
1. It became flat while driving on a street in my neighborhood
2. My brother was nice enough to come rescue me and take me to rehearsal.

Allright I know you are all wondering what day 5 of breakfast adventures was...well

Smoothie( 1 scoop chocolate protein, with 1/2 banana, milk, and ice)
Fruit(blueberries and strawberries)
....and a cookie...
haha I'm thinking of it as an opening night gift to myself. 

will be breaking lots of legs tonight so wish me luck.
ACL in the morning

July 18, 2011

Beware of the Duke.

Day 4. Day 4. Day 4.
Peanut Butter and Honey toast...made into a sandwich
Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup Blueberries
1/2 Banana
1/4 cup strawberries(like 5)
1/4 cup Orange Juice
1/4 cup Milk
1/4 cup water

All yumminess!

So its Monday...the day during the school year that everyone dreads. The day that sneaks up on you after Sunday. Usually I don't really like Mondays. I have nothing against them but I never have been a huge fan of them either. Except for during the summer.
Mondays is the day that the golf course is closed. So I can take my run and bike ride on a different route...meaning I can ride on the golf course and escape my arch nemesis,

I love dogs.
EVERYONE knows that...look

I clearly love dogs.

Except Duke.
Well..Duke isn't his name but that is what I have decided his name will be.
Duke likes to guard the street known as Country Club Drive.
I think Duke is probably a very nice loving dog, but when I am biking for dear life as he is barking and chasing after me. 
I do not like that.
This is what Duke looks like.
 Cute...but do not be deceived.
The first time I encountered Duke I literally screamed like someone got shot, but now I creep around the turn before I get to Duke's street to see if he is out on guard or not. If he is, I quickly turn around and go back the other way.
I hope one day to make friends with Duke...but for now we are enemies. 
Beware of the Duke.

Also if you were wondering how the gooey bars went over at rehearsal....I am pleased to tell you I have had several marriage offers as well as people kissing my feet. :) I think that means everyone liked them! So I would recommend making them.

As for the Oatmeal Raisin...I still have some kinks to work out in the recipe before I will be completely happy with them.
back to the oven.

July 17, 2011

epic...almost fail.

Ok, I have a confession to make.
I almost caved was SO hard to have something different for breakfast...I almost had cereal and milk but then I heard a voice inside my head say
"NO! Don't do it, be adventurous...try something fun and new."

So I did.
Behold, day three of my breakfast adventures.
Behold Day Three
Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
1/2 Banana
blueberry greek yogurt
topped with:
wheat germ
ground flax
sprinkle Go Lean Cereal
sprinkle of cinnamon(because why not...)
Blended Chocolate Protein...this was a little icy, but I might do it again maybe adding a banana or yogurt

This was a good breakfast. It reminded me of my first semester of college when I would eat fruit and yogurt in my dorm room but wish that I would have had plain greek yogurt instead.  The blueberry yogurt was too sweet, especially with sweet summer fruit. It needed something to cut the sweetness some. But I would love to have this breakfast again. Alas, I must find something new for tomorrow. I'm at least going to go a week of something new every morning. I must make my goal!

I also went on a wonderful bike ride. I was kind of sick of my usual neighborhood route so I decided to be adventurous (after my new breakfast I was feeling brave) and I rode on the real streets! I went to Walgreens and got some ingredients for baking. I rode through the park on the way there and then on the way back I stopped by Kiki's... sadly she wasn't home!
 I got this new application on my phone and mapped my ride and ended up doing 7.25 miles! 
After that I was a sweaty mess so sorry no picture because you would be too frightened. Just imagine a red sweaty tomato because that's about what I looked like!
So as soon as I got home I dove into the pool and swam for a bit. 
It is so nice having the day off! Especially after working 10 hour work days.

This is what happens when you leave "actors" in a hallway filled with baskets for 10 hours.
Fresh air and sunshine was needed today for sure.

Besides playing outside what else do you do on a day off?
I made another batch of "Levain" cookies...except this time I made Oatmeal Raisin. I haven't tasted them yet but they look beautiful.
I know I'm need to tell me.
I would advise you to stop reading now if you are sick of hearing my cookie ranting.
I apologize.
I really can't help it.

The only difference between mine and the Levain cookies, besides them not being "Levain Cookies" is that  I added vanilla and cinnamon to my cookies.  Levain's does not put either of these ingredients into their cookies and when I tried them in NYC the only reason the oatmeal raisin were not my favorite is I think because of the fact they didn't include the vanilla and I'm hoping that these will be yummy!

I also made Oreo Cream Gooey...GOOEY Bars.
They are not very pretty looking...but sometimes the ugliest goodies are the tastiest!

I found the recipe on Picky Palate, which is a great blog that has so many recipes! 
Check it out. Lots of great things worth looking at.

I'm not eating any of them today because I'm taking them to tech tomorrow. I will harass everyone to try them and get taster reviews and let you know how they are. We have another long 10 out of 12 so many sweet treats will be needed and appreciated.
Off to clean the kitchen before my mom rips my head off!