September 5, 2011

Mozart Jr.

That would be my grade for my first piano quiz.

Look at that F.
I might have cried.

excessive amounts.

I failed.

the worst part is I practiced.


I can't help that our piece was really difficult.
I mean look at that music.
Any person who plays the piano would have trouble playing that...let alone someone who is not good(meaning me).

Fine, you caught me.
 That was not the song I had to play...mine looked more like this

Laugh all you want.
but you try playing that...and saying the note names aloud.

It was my first time performing piano for anyone, I can't help that I choked.

I swear I'm going to get better, if it kills me.

Besides failing piano.
and blogging.(sorry)
 I've been bored with a lot of things in my life.
More like everything.
For example, my workouts :/. So I've been trying new things. Like YOGA!

I'm really loving it! I get to bike there(which I love) and it is a great way to focus on yourself mentally and physically.  Some of the "yogi" concepts confuse me, but the stretching and core work are really great! I can feel my arms getting stronger also. The class I go to is Hot Vinyasa Flow, but today after class my teacher told me I should try to take a harder class. So this week I'm going to try a Level Two class. Hopefully I won't kill myself.

I've also been really bored by EVERYTHING I've been eating, so I decided to try some of the foods I read about.
I will allow myself one purchase a week for something fun and interesting( budget.problems.)
This week's purchase:
 Wondering what Millet is and what its benefits are...go here.

I have to say it was quite tasty. I made egg white cinnamon french toast with peanut butter on top.
The bread has almost the texture of a cake but a little more grainy. This texture made it perfect for my french toast!
I was inspired by KATH.
My toast didn't quite look as pretty as this...but you get the picture!
(KATH takes the most beautiful photos on her blog, you should take a look!)

So this week since it is the start of a new month...I'm starting fresh.
I'm going to break outside of my box.
Trying new things.
Meeting new people
Playing new piano songs.
Inventing New foods.

Can I do it?


Check out this.
Who know Lululemon was out of style.

Looks like I need to get some new gear for they gym.


stay happy.

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  1. oh sweet girl! you poor little thing! I believe in you and your piano!! let's meet up next time and can do it!!

    also, I TOTALLY thought you were serious with the Beethoven sonata and I was SHOCKED. ha! you are so funny. i heart you to pieces.