September 6, 2011

The Sooner who didn't own Red...

This past weekend was the first game day of the season, and me being the biggest football fan ever, owns nothing red.
I thought that I had red.
Seriously I did.
Anyway, I went to go take my car to a parking lot down the street, because we were parking cars at my house($$) and I was not going to the game. So after our driveway was full I didn't want to be locked into my house.

I might of parked in a parking lot with a Hancock Fabrics in it.
I might of walked in and purchased some cheesy OU fabrics.
I might of sewed the tacky fabrics together to make a sash.
I might have something red and OU to wear to games.

(sorry about my hair, please don't judge to was so hot and I was already sweating like a pig. Besides, my hair is getting so long. And developing a mind of its own, I think I'm developing a lion's mane. AHHH!)

Look at our cute makeshift parking sign.
(we took scrapbook paper and taped it together to the back of cardboard box!)

We earned some money!
And on top of that OU won! 

But the best part is I finally got to see The Help.
It was great! 
I really thought the movie was a good adaptation of the book, and even more surprising I liked Emma Stone! I'm usually not the biggest fan of her's but the past two movies she has been in(Crazy Stupid Love, and the Help) I have really enjoyed her.

Now I wish I could say I'm reading something just as inspirational and interesting as The Help....but right now I'm reading

not the most interesting say it nicely.

Oh well, off to enjoy the PERFECT weather we are having right now and eat dinner on my front porch!

Then to the piano...quiz tomorrow!
say prayers.
lots of them.


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