July 17, 2011

epic...almost fail.

Ok, I have a confession to make.
I almost caved today...it was SO hard to have something different for breakfast...I almost had cereal and milk but then I heard a voice inside my head say
"NO! Don't do it, be adventurous...try something fun and new."

So I did.
Behold, day three of my breakfast adventures.
Behold Day Three
Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
1/2 Banana
blueberry greek yogurt
topped with:
wheat germ
ground flax
sprinkle Go Lean Cereal
sprinkle of cinnamon(because why not...)
Blended Chocolate Protein...this was a little icy, but I might do it again maybe adding a banana or yogurt

This was a good breakfast. It reminded me of my first semester of college when I would eat fruit and yogurt in my dorm room but wish that I would have had plain greek yogurt instead.  The blueberry yogurt was too sweet, especially with sweet summer fruit. It needed something to cut the sweetness some. But I would love to have this breakfast again. Alas, I must find something new for tomorrow. I'm at least going to go a week of something new every morning. I must make my goal!

I also went on a wonderful bike ride. I was kind of sick of my usual neighborhood route so I decided to be adventurous (after my new breakfast I was feeling brave) and I rode on the real streets! I went to Walgreens and got some ingredients for baking. I rode through the park on the way there and then on the way back I stopped by Kiki's... sadly she wasn't home!
 I got this new application on my phone and mapped my ride and ended up doing 7.25 miles! 
After that I was a sweaty mess so sorry no picture because you would be too frightened. Just imagine a red sweaty tomato because that's about what I looked like!
So as soon as I got home I dove into the pool and swam for a bit. 
It is so nice having the day off! Especially after working 10 hour work days.

This is what happens when you leave "actors" in a hallway filled with baskets for 10 hours.
Fresh air and sunshine was needed today for sure.

Besides playing outside what else do you do on a day off?
I made another batch of "Levain" cookies...except this time I made Oatmeal Raisin. I haven't tasted them yet but they look beautiful.
I know I'm obsessed...no need to tell me.
I would advise you to stop reading now if you are sick of hearing my cookie ranting.
I apologize.
I really can't help it.

The only difference between mine and the Levain cookies, besides them not being "Levain Cookies" is that  I added vanilla and cinnamon to my cookies.  Levain's does not put either of these ingredients into their cookies and when I tried them in NYC the only reason the oatmeal raisin were not my favorite is I think because of the fact they didn't include the vanilla and cinnamon...so I'm hoping that these will be yummy!

I also made Oreo Cream Gooey...GOOEY Bars.
They are not very pretty looking...but sometimes the ugliest goodies are the tastiest!

I found the recipe on Picky Palate, which is a great blog that has so many recipes! 
Check it out. Lots of great things worth looking at.

I'm not eating any of them today because I'm taking them to tech tomorrow. I will harass everyone to try them and get taster reviews and let you know how they are. We have another long 10 out of 12 so many sweet treats will be needed and appreciated.
Off to clean the kitchen before my mom rips my head off!

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