July 13, 2011


I said that I wouldn't give in...and I did...dang Pinterest.
The site is addicting, DO NOT GO TO IT(go to it!)

Like I need one more thing in my life to distract me...well I found one!

Speaking of distractions...anyone find that they have been distracted so much by the fun of summer to even realize that it is already July 13...
meaning the Harry Potter movie comes out on Friday.
I can't use the birthday excuse anymore... :(
Summer is more than half over...depressing.
The word school doesn't even exist in my vocabulary.
Especially when I just baked up a batch of Levain copycat cookies....
I'm a mad cookie scientist....they taste just like the real cookies...i'm dying. literally!
Excuse the lighting. I took the picture at night.
Did I mention they featured me on their Facebook page.
When my Aunt and Uncle ordered the cookies for my birthday, they talked to the owner of Levain and told them about my blog and she actually read it.

 I seriously am obsessed...don't even doubt for a second that I am not going to apply for a job there when I move to NYC!
My cookies are a problem...sometimes I hate myself for baking.
but then I think again...and look at the delicious masterpieces in front of me and smile!
So smile today and appreciate all that is in front of you.
Say a prayer for my next attempt at blueberry crisp tonight.

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  1. pinterest is the best thing ever!