July 10, 2011

Life is Good.

Thank you EVERYONE involved with Hairspray!
What an amazing show and such a great experience.
All good things must come to an end. Boo hoo.

life is still so GREAT.
 Like these "life is good" T-shirts my sister and I bought the other day.
 They matched our personalities perfectly so we decided it would be a crime to pass on the purchase.
(And it was buy one get one 50% off!)
for the sister.
The life is good guy is in a "teaser" which is a pilates position.
This is so perfect for her since she is a pilates teacher. 

Bike for me
of course.
My sister is my other half
but she actually has another half
If you didn't already know, my brother and sister are twins.

Although I have never felt left out by not having a twin,
I have always secretly wanted to be one.

And at last I have finally found her!

She is our ASM(assistant stage manager) this summer and my newfound twin!
We run on the same wavelength.
Here are just some of our twin-like qualities:
1. We are picky eaters
2. We love to read food blogs
3. We like working out
4. We wear glasses
5. Amy is from England and I wish I were from England :)
(I should find out if Amy is a bad speller like me...then it might be freaky how similar we are!)
and most importantly

We are such twins!
Amy's parents came to see Hairspray and they brought along British chocolate and she gave me some!
The British know their chocolate.
One more reason to move to England.

More to come
on the Ragtime play
which starts rehearsals this week.

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