June 21, 2011


Today was one of those days when I walked into my closet and wished it looked like this
Carrie's closet from Sex In the City
I. Love. Carrie. Bradshaw.
and her clothes.
but who doesn't?

But instead of my closet looking like that...mine looks like this
Ok just kidding, my closet doesn't look like this
but it feels like it does!

So what do you do when nothing you have looks good to wear?

Go shopping?
I wish...
you can pull out your sewing machine and redesign what you already have!

So I did!
I took a dress which I hadn't worn in about 2 years...that I had put on earlier thinking 
"I have not worn this in awhile..."

I soon found out why I had not worn it.
It was way too short and barely covered my bum.
I guess I have grown a few inches.  Yay for me! 

So, I cut the bottom ruffle off and made the dress into a fun, flirty top!
Much improved right?
Silly mirror picture
I apologize.

I also adjusted the straps on my favorite denim dress that I have had for about 3 years
but have never hemmed the straps before.

And lastly, I took this romper which I had purchased from Wal-Mart for $2.50 last summer and decided to make it into a halter.

I never wore it before because the straps never stayed on my shoulders.
It is from the Miley Cyrus line at 
Wal-Mart...Miley almost got it right. haha

So it was a productive day and

 tomorrow I start my job 



Preview of my Kitchen-Aid.
She is Artisan 
and red.
You'll meet her soon. 

:) yum.

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