June 27, 2011

Cookie Coma

I'm back.
Literally just came out from a Levain induced cookie coma.
Happy Birthday to me!
Our family birthday banner that makes an appearance every year!

Remember how I said mail order cookies would be something I would spend money on if I had any?

Good thing my birthday was Thursday (June 23) and my AMAZING Aunt and Uncle sent me cookies from Levain bakery. I think every meal has been cookies for the past three days. (Actually, every meal has been cookies, but it is a little embarrassing to admit.)
Levain you do have a way with cookies
and trust me, they taste as good in OKC as they did in NYC.

But for at least one day, I'm putting a chain lock on the freezer with the cookies just so I will have some next week. 

Way to go KB and Bill. You earned some serious "cookie" points with that gift.

Just in case you wondered, I also received some 

Lulu Lemon items which is another one of my addictions.
Just call me Eloise Cookie Lulu Kropp.

and this blender
The holy grail of blenders
This is the Ninja
Like a VitaMix, but $300 cheaper

I made peanut butter in my Ninja.
Yes, whole peanuts were made into a smooth, nutty butter.
That was the instant I fell in love.
I. Love. My. Blender.


Remember the picture of my Kitchen Aid a few days ago?
Well, I baked for my birthday!
Three different kinds of cookies
Oatmeal Raisin
Monster Oatmeal
Chocolate Chip
AND peanut butter cookie dough brownies.
The treats were a hit at work.
I know...weird that I baked for myself for MY own birthday. 
But I am weird, and thought of it as a good gift from my mom.
Yes, from my mom.
The gift of her allowing me to completely take over and destroy her kitchen for a whole day.
What could be better than that?
Yummy, delicious, warm, gooey cookies, of course.

Mixing the Oats

These cookies were MONSTER sized!
I could hardly let them bake
not only because I like my cookies SUPER doughy
but also  I was just so excited to be baking!

I also made a weekend trip to Wichita to see Finnian's Rainbow at MTW and of course see my FABULOUS roomies and MTW family!
It was one of those trips that when I got there it instantly felt like I had never left. Even though I have been gone for more than two weeks. 
My roomies and I have been playing a fun game of leaving each other daily videos on our Facebook walls, which has been so great. I don't think the phrase:
"I miss you SO much"
has ever been used in the videos ;)
 It was so good to see them in person, instead of via Facebook video!
A video can only do so much. You can't have girl talk or pillow fights over a video.
Teenage girls still have pillow fights if you were wondering. 
Proud of it too.

The roomies at brunch Sunday morning!
We have too much fun together.

Like "soy" much fun. It is kind of unreal.

I'm now back in OKC and we are in the grind of Hairspray. It is the count down to designer run, which is Thursday afternoon so we are flying through everything to get a show together.

Rehearsals are going really well. There is so much music in the show and every number is a PRODUCTION (and about 10 minutes long!) but we are moving along and it has been a blast so far! I have to be a B*%#H the whole show and who knew it could be so tiring! 

Today we blocked the dodge ball scene and let me say it is a good thing we are only "pretending" to play dodge ball and not really playing because to quote Liz, who is Tracy:

"You throw like a girl!"

The scene makes me glad that I am in music theatre and not trying to persue a career as a professional dodge ball player.


But I'm back to blogging again. 

Off to the dodgeball courts!
Thinking of blueberry crisp
and organizing my life.

I like the idea of making crisp first.

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