June 15, 2011

I hope you FLIP

Ok, so here it begins. My blogging adventures.
So I was never going to start one of these myself...but then the opportunity was brought up to me by my summer job.  I'm going to be employed by Lyric Theatre OKC starting next Wednesday and am going to be their feature blogger of the summer.  The way their blog is set up though is through the Lyric Theatre website, so I figured why not link my blog to this page so my friends and family...and whoever else can access it better!

" Sweet Kropp's Adventures"  may lead you to believe that I'm going to bake hundreds upon thousands of sweet goodies each day but in actuality this name is meant to incorporate all the sweet things in my life. I will try to occasionally post a recipe or two when I bake something yummy but I honestly bake only occasionally not all the time. While I may not bake everyday, I do however partake in sugary treats daily. I have a sweet tooth the size of Mt. Everest. In fact it would be more realistic to say I have sweet teeth! So read on for many sweet adventures about food, shopping, theatre, clothes, etc.....

Topping the sweet list right now are all the shows I get to be in this summer.  While I am about to start at Lyric next Wednesday, I just finished up doing The Music Man with Music Theatre of Wichita.

The Music Man at Music Theatre Wichita 
Elliot, who is an amazing 365 picture poster on Facebook, included me in a couple of pictures this summer after my begging and groveling :) 

Me and Dan
Emily, who played Ethel Toffelmeier, and Me

OU Musical Theatre Group Picture ( The University of Oklahoma is where I attend school as a Musical Theatre Major)

Max with me and Laura who was one of the children in the show. We had over 70 kids in the show.

Iowa Stubborn Tableau

There were over 100 people in the cast!  Quite the production!!!

Action Shot from "76 Trombones" one of the big production numbers choreographed by the FABULOUS  Peggy Hickey

she is amazing.

Romeo and Juliet Ballet from the Library Scene(Max and Me)

Lots of pictures of Max and Me, we obviously had no fun playing opposite each other...FALSE!!

Music Man was more than a blast to say the least!! And now I am more than excited to start at Lyric where I am involved in Hairspray, Ragtime and A Chorus Line! More pics to come once I start!

I hope ya'll FLIP for the blog!


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