June 28, 2011


I'm swimming right now and I wish it were outside in a nice cool pool.
But instead my mind is swimming in the show Hairspray and I can't stop of thinking about the SHOW!

Please HELP me before I drown.

do... do... do... dooo... do...Yeaahhhh, Yeaahhh Yeahhaa!
(that is singing.)

The thing about it is the show is so much fun! Like today we did a "stumble" through of act one and it was amazing to put everything together and discover how much of a show we have! This is what amazes me about Summerstock. You never think the show is going to come together and then somehow it does. It must be the theatre gods working their magic!

Since my mind is a jumbled mess right now and I can't stop thinking about the theatre, how about a theatre treat tip to enjoy at home.

If you like popcorn, which I'm assuming everyone does because it may very well be the best food on the planet,
you should try this kind...
I know you may be skeptical but it really is good!!
Dare I say better than Orville...and Pop Secret.

And trust me. I know my popcorns!

Tomorrow is looking like a sweet treat day
any ideas?

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