June 29, 2011


I'm spoiled.
But not like the milk that was in my fridge this morning.
Gross. To think I almost ate my cereal with the gross spoiled milk.
I bought this milk on Monday...and it was spoiled by today.
How can this be?

I'm also spoiled because:
I laughed so hard today, I cried.
I was surrounded by amazing, talented people who made me laugh so hard that I cried.
I went on a fabulous bike ride.
I made friends with a baby bird that I found across the street.
She is so cute, and was just sitting in the street.
After I fed her a small piece of bread she walked away to join her family again.

and lastly 
I found three tennis balls on my bike ride for my dog Olive. She was very pleased with her present.
I am spoiled but not in a bad way.

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