June 19, 2011



I'm not good at making them at all.

Good thing that I didn't have to decide who my father was, that was decided for me. :)

         SO HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE                                              GREATEST DAD

                                 mine of course!!

In honor of father's day this post is dedicated to my dad, who has no idea what a blog is or that I have one but who is the hardest, most loving man I know.

He has been one of the greatest influences in my life inspiring me to work hard and convincing me that no goal or dream is to large to achieve.

Lessons learned from my dad...

Never be afraid to express your individual sense of style.

(I'm thinking this is where my love of headbands and other hair accessories comes from.)

Love dogs.
Just a quick note, Olive is my dad's BABY! She is precious and loves me as well, but as soon as my dad gets home from work she follows him around like his keeper. 
It really is the cutest thing, until I become jealous...because who doesn't want an adorable dog to follow them around and sit beside them?

Thanks Dad for being the greatest and allowing me to follow my goals and dreams, no matter how crazy they sound at times.

So take a day off Dad and rest your feet

you deserve it.

hug, kiss, love, and grovel to your dad today


later this week
If i can ever decide what to make!

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  1. sweetest post el! officially in love with your blog! don't mind me if i start commenting on all your posts!!