June 20, 2011

I did.

I baked.

But not the cookies I planned to bake at my house for my birthday
on Thursday.

These were for someone special...

I would use the "G" word to give you a better description but she DESPISES that word 
more than I despise touching meat...
Yes, she despises it that much
that's why we call her Kiki.

for as much as I love baking I could not have picked a worse family because nobody will eat my sweets.
No, not any of them!
I could slave over a 12 layer chocolate cake with seven minute frosting and fondant decorations and it would just sit in my house for months...
Sad I know.

There is one person in my family though who appreciates my baking and that is Kiki.
Whenever I go over to her house I always bake her a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Nothing fancy
just simple Tollhouse cookies (with a few secret ingredients of course)
but she freezes them so she can nibble on them late at night!

I love baking for Kiki because she actually eats my cookies!
What a concept.
She always calls me a few hours after I leave and leaves me the sweetest message that never fail to make my day.
 It usually goes like this:

"Oh, Eloise, you have outdone yourself again. These may be the best batch of cookies you have ever made. Yummy, yummy ,yummy! Thank you so much for coming over, it was wonderful to see you and thank you again for baking. I love it when my freezer is stocked full of goodies! Hugs and kisses! I love you so much"

Not to brag about how good of a baker I am because it is not really me bragging when it is Kiki doing all the talking :)

So what did I make?
chocolate chip cookies of course

and these creations...
Cinnamon sugar, angel food cupcakes with a cinnamon glaze and white chocolate drizzle
(which Kiki tasted and said they tasted similar to a cinnamon roll!)


A productive day of baking!!
Time to relax... someone is waiting for me.


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  1. loved the sweet treat surprise! i'll be happy to eat your baking creations anytime:)